About Syndications


The Cranbourne Harness Racing Club is keen to foster involvement in harness racing in our local area. To do so we are actively involved in forming groups of like minded people to enjoy the thrill of racing their very own standardbred.

Racing partnerships in respect of either leased or owned harness horses can be formed depending on the individual's own circumstances and their expectations.


Leasing A Horse Explained

Some owners/breeders will lease a horse to other groups of owners for a specified period of time. Typically these lease arrangements relate to (untried) yearling fillies which the owners want to retain for breeding purposes at the end of their racing careers.

In the interim however the owner/breeder leases the horse for the duration of its racing career.

Under these arrangement, the lessees meet all costs associated with racing the horse and keep an agreed percentage (normally 66%) of stake money won. No up front costs are incurred by the lessees and as such, this arrangement often provides all the thrills of racing without a capital outlay.

The Cranbourne Harness Racing Club has established relationships with a number of notable breeders over the past 3 years and we now have regular access to well-bred and well-conformed yearlings for leasing to club members and enthusiasts.


Buying A Yearling

Yearling sales are typically conducted in Victoria between February and March each year.  Yearlings are young horses that are unbroken and therefore untried at the time of these sales.  As such, their potential is untapped and a future champion can often be secured at a relatively affordable price through this avenue.

In 2012, the average sale price for all yearlings sold at auction in Victoria was $14,900.

Our Club can assist prospective owneers in identifying local trainers who regularly attend yearling sales and who can assist in the purchase of your new yearling.  Your trainer will provide invaluable advice regarding the pedigree, confirmation and temperament of your prospective purchase.


Buying A "Going" Horse

Breaking in, education and pre training are all important elements of a yearling's development and typically a year or so will pass before youngsters purchased at the yearlilng sales make their race track debut.

The option of buying a "going" horse by way of a private sale appeals to some groups of owners as it provides the prospect of race track success in a much shorter timeframe from the time of purchase.


Ongoing Costs

The ongoing costs associated with racing a harness horse include training, shoeing, transportation, agistment and veterinarian costs. These costs vary from month to month and the total cost of owning a racehorse will depend, in part, on the amount of time the horse is in full training as opposed to spelling during a season.

As a guide however, the ongoing cost of owning and racing a harness horse is in the order of $15,000 per annum (in the absence of any unforeseen circumstances including serious injury or interstate travel)

Typically ownership groups including 10 individual shares are established by the club with each group member making regular contributions of $125 per month per 10% share.



The club assumes responsibility for management of each of the racing partnerships it establishes. As such, collection of member contributions, payment of all accounts and hopefully disbursement of stakemoney as undertaken by the club using specifically created bank accounts for each group.

No management fee is applied by the club in respect of management services provided.


Regular Updates

Regular updates are provided by way of a monthly newsletter (posted on this website) and direct email communication with partnership members.