In Brief - Cashman's Awesome Foursome

Sep 5, 2017 In Brief - Cashman's Awesome Foursome

Cranbourne hobbyist Rick Cashman earned bragging rights amongst his local peers after bagging four winners from four drives at the Club's trials fixture on Saturday morning.

Cashman, who combines his training and driving activities with full time employment with the Australian Taxation Office, is a regular participant on trials morning driving his own small team and helping out other trainers with a stint in the cart when required.  By his own admission, his race driving career hasn't yet reached any stellar heights but that didn't stop Cashman savouring his success at the trials.

"I always enjoy having a drive at the trials and I'm happy to help out other trainers where I can," Cashman said. "I don't have an expectations that race drives will follow but its great to go around epecially if I happen to drive a nice horse."

For the record Cashman's winners were Bettor Beau for trainer Michael Hughes, One Tuff Nut for Max Cavey, Bettor Biaggi for Glenn Hunter and Danman from his own barn.

Cashman predicts that his book of winning drives at the weekend might carry their good form onto the racetrack. "Hopefully one or two of the horses I drove at the weekend can go to the races and win in the next few weeks," he said. 

Reports that the public servant stationed himself alongside the office water cooler for much of Monday are exaggerated according to the man himself. 

"I couldn't be more understated if I tried," Cashman joked. "My trial colours are white with white spots. If that's not shunning the limelight I don't knowwhat is."

The true extent of Cashman's celebrations might never be known, but its fair to say that he was just a little bit chuffed with his efforts.

Well done Rick

By David Scott